th_DSC_4998While we call the Midwest home, we race from Laguna Seca to Sebring…and everything in between. We offer full pre-race prep, transport and track support services for most PCA events.

In addition to our track services, we build and maintain some of the quickest and most reliable Porsches in racing. From the new 997 Cup cars to specially built and prepared GT 911s to stock class 944s and 911s, you'll see our drivers at the top of the time sheets day in and day out.


Eurosport Racing’s legendary racing engines are renowned for their power and reliability. From getting the most legal power from stock-class engines to full-blown custom-built race engines, our engines are built in-house to our exacting specifications.


With our Superflow bench and DTS engine dyno we don't just build engines, we analyze every aspect of the engine to maximize both torque and horsepower. Some companies strive for more short term HP. We prefer to build engines that last 90 hours minimum and run at the front.

Transport and Track Support

Eurosport transporterWe travel to 10 Porsche Club races a year. We are there to handle most any repair you may need. Before loading your car we will go over the car completely making sure it is to our standards, ensuring unnecessary repairs are not needed at the track.

Many of the races we attend have driver education groups, wouldn't you like to run at Sebring or Brainerd?

3 days at Sebring transport & support: $3000. GT cars slightly more.


Racing Services

  • Full custom fabrication — cages, carbon tops, car lightening
  • Engine development — we build some of the most powerful and reliable engines in the business. Check out our 300hp + 2.8 liter race motor! All heads are maximized on our SuperFlow bench for long life in the fast lane.
  • Motec Installation and Tuning — tune your engine for maximum performance with our DTS engine dyno, we are an official Motec dealer.
  • Suspension upgrades — From full race set-ups to coil-over conversions, we have the suspension solutions to get you around the track faster. Once the go-fast parts are on, we'll tune your car's suspension on our Bosch alignment rack and we can even run your car through our virtual racing computer program to get those critical last tenths you're looking for.
  • Transmission — From simple re-gearing to installation of dog boxs, we have more than 20 years of experience with all types of Porsche gearboxes.